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Queen of the Yorkshire Coast.--------------------CLICK ON SMALL PHOTOS FOR INFO.

large_DSCN1006.JPGDSCN0985.JPGDSCN0987.JPGDSCN0988.JPGDSCN0990.JPGDSCN0992.JPGDSCN0991.JPGDSCN0993.JPGDSCN0994.JPGDSCN0996.JPGDSCN0989.JPGDSCN0995.JPGDSCN0997.JPGDSCN1008.JPGDSCN1004.JPGDSCN1003.JPGDSCN1001.JPGDSCN1005.JPGDSCN1009.JPGDSCN1010.JPGDSCN1011.JPGDSCN1012.JPGDSCN1013.JPGDSCN1014.JPGDSCN1015.JPGDSCN1016.JPGDSCN1017.JPGDSCN1018.JPGDSCN1021.JPGDSCN1023.JPGDSCN1025.JPGDSCN1026.JPGDSCN1027.JPGDSCN1030.JPGDSCN1031.JPGDSCN1032.JPGDSCN1033.JPGlarge_DSCN0978.JPG Yorkshire railways over 100 years ago. 35466480-d944-11e9-a140-8de3dbbab920.JPGlarge_DSCN0981.JPGDSCN0982.JPGDSCN0983.JPGSunlarge_DSCN1007.JPGny days see me on day trips,this time to lovely Scarborough on the East Coast of North Yorkshire England. One of its titles is "Queen of the Yorkshire Coast". It is 240 miles from London, 63 miles from Leeds and 40 miles from my home city of York. The main road A64 leads to Scarborough. From York a bus takes 1 hour 50 minutes and the train 50 minutes.----On this trip i boarded the train at York rail station just before 10 am. Leaving Scarborough rail station is the Stephen Joseph Theatre opposite. I walked down Westborough to Huntress Row to approach the Grand Hotel, near here is the Victorian Cliff Lift built in 1881. The fare was £1, in 1947 my first ride on the lift the fare was 1d , ( today 240 d. )---My first proper stay away holiday was to Scarborough with my Mam and Dad. i was aged 9.----------Scarborough is in two Bays ,North and South, divided by Castle Hill , both Bays have good sandy beaches. There are plenty of Guest Houses and Hotels. Scarborough claims to be the Original Seaside Resort.--- Attractions include miniture railway, open air theatre, parks, museum, S J theatre, Spa theatre, Sea Life centre, boat trips, Castle ruin, ice cream, fish and chips etc. The castle is a ruin of a medieval fortress on the rocky promontory, overlooking the North Sea. It was damaged in December 1914 in World War One by Imperial German Navy.-------Leaving the Cliff lift i came across the Fishpan Cafe where i had great tasty fish and chips. After looking at the Harbour i caught the Open Top Bus service to the North Bay at the Corner. The bus along Marine Drive goes by the high cliffs of Castle Hill.The full journey of the bus is from the Spa Theatre South Bay to the North Bay at Corner, when i was a kid it was called Corner Cafe.---After a cup of coffee, i went to the bus stop for the double decker bus to york. The sun had shone all day, making Scarborough more beautiful.

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